Microplastics in bathroom products

Microplastics in bathroom products contribute to plastic pollution in our environment.

Prof. Marcel Jansen recently contributed to an article on the effects our use of beauty products can have on the environment. “Ultimately, a lot of plastics in the marine environment originates in our bathrooms”, he is quoted in the article, which was published in the Feelgood supplement of the Irish Examiner on 4 August 2017.

As well as the presence of microplastics in cosmetics and toiletries, the article raises concerns on the use and disposal of skincare wipes (made from polyester), sulfate-containing soaps, and several other harmful chemicals used in a wide range of beauty products.

While legislative processes have been started up in Ireland to ban or limit the use of some of these components, notably microplastics, in the absence of legislation it is mainly up to the consumer to limit the impact their bathroom routine has on the environment.

The full article can be found here:

“Wipe out wipes” by Carolyn Moore, Irish Examiner 04.08.2017